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The Karridale Cottages Blog

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Powered by the Sun

Big news from Karridale Cottages and Hop Farm!

We are pleased to announce that we are now powered by the sun! That's right, we've added a five-kilowatt solar panel system to our hopyard infrastructure. The system will be responsible for powering all the irrigation in the hopyard and covering all the cottages daytime use of energy.

We are really happy with how everything has worked out and are keen for you to come and check them out the next time your down at Karridale Cottages and Hop Farm. We've located the panels at the south side of the hopyard, to both connect our guests to the green side of staying at Karridale Cottages but to also best capture the northern aspect of the summer sun!

Along with adding drip line irrigation in the past month, our solar panels once again align our practice at the cottages with our ethos of both low impact and highly sustainable use of both water and power.

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