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Nature Play Scavenger Hunt

Karridale Cottages has recently partnered with Nature Play WA to create a Nature Scavenger Hunt in our bushland. The Scavenger Hunt has been specially designed to get the whole family out in nature and exploring during their stay. Check out our video below!


Nature Play WA is a collaborative organisation working with partner groups like us to encourage the WA community to value nature play and families to prioritise it in children’s lives.  It was founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors (nature play) is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. Nature play is, of itself, an intrinsic good and from it flow benefits in health, cognitive, social and emotional development and in the building of resilience and creativity. 


Most importantly, experience in nature as a child also leads to environmental stewardship later in life and at Karridale Cottages environmental values are woven into our business model and are something we try to encourage our guests to embrace during their holiday away with us.

Karridale Cottages Nature Play Scavenger Hunt_47.JPG
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Karridale Cottages Nature Play Scavenger Hunt_23.JPG

Download before you arrive

Whilst we brand our cottages as a disconnect option we know that children use electronic devices as educational tools so our scavenger hunt has been developed to be used in the Nature Play WA App.  The app has an awesome section dedicated to showcasing nature play spaces, parks, beaches and fun places for families to visit which now includes our private bushland at Karridale Cottages.  There are more than 30 nature play spaces, and over 90 family-friendly locations, to discover so downloading this free App will give you some great nature inspired activities to do with your family following your stay too!  


Visit the Apple iTunes store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) and search for Nature Play WA to download the free app!

Download and print your Scavenger Hunt Checklist before your trip to Karridale!

Watch the video

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