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Green Edge

Our eco-friendly accommodation uses several sustainablity initiatives to make your stay a good one (for you, and the environment!):

  • We use solar power

  • We use rainwater tanks

  • We restore native landscapes

  • We use environmentally friendly products

  • We compost dog poo

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Solar Power

Karridale Cottages are powered by the sun! That's right, we've added a five-kilowatt solar panel system to our hopyard infrastructure. The system will be responsible for powering all the irrigation in the hopyard and some of the cottages daytime use of energy. We've located the panels at the south side of the hopyard, to both connect our guests to the green side of staying at Karridale Cottages but to also best capture the northern aspect of the summer sun!

Rainwater Tanks

We have installed two 200,000L which we fill during the winter whilst our dam is overflowing with fresh spring water. The rainwater tanks will store our water for irrigation in the hopyard throughout the summer and for use in our cottages.

We are also using a low voltage pump pulling power directly from our solar panels during the morning. We have drip lines running the length of the hopyard directing water right to the root zone with an aim for minimizing both waste and evaporation.


Native Planting

In July 2015 we planted over 300 native flowers, shrubs and trees at Karridale Cottages and Hop Farm in support of National Tree Planting Day. Restoring native landscapes through planting local plants is vitally important for preserving the biodiversity unique to this area. Local plant communities provide the most suitable food and habitat for local native wildlife. Please have a look around the property for many of these newly planted gems including callistemon (bottle brush), melaleuca (tea tree), banksia, wattle, karri trees and red kangaroo paws.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We only use Who Gives a Crap, 100% post consumer waste, recycled toilet paper in our toilets at Karridale Cottages. It saves on trees, water and landfill which means you’re doing your bit while doing your bit to help keep our planet great. Recycled paper uses 64 percent less energy and 50 percent less water to produce; creates 74 percent less air pollution; saves 17 trees (per ton of paper produced); and creates five times more jobs than one ton of paper products made from virgin wood pulp.

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Karridale Cottages Margaret River Accommodation_67.JPG


Worms are Mother Nature’s unique natural recyclers. By putting worms to work in our pet poo composting facility, you will be converting your pet’s waste into rich organic fertilizer for the property. If you have bring your dog please help Karridale Cottages reduce landfill and greenhouse gases by recycling your pets waste in the facility provided during your stay. Our  worm farms facilities are located at all Cottages.

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