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The Karridale Cottages Blog

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Welcome to our new Hop Yard

The first phase of the Karridale Hop Farm has been constructed!

We'll be planting our first rhizomes over the coming weeks with hop varieites including Cascade, Chinook, Perle, Nugget, Goldings, Cluster, Hallertau and Fuggles, of course (we had to, our chocolate labrador is named Fuggles).

Phase one is the first of a three phase construction program. We're planning to expand over the next three years as we learn more about what varieties grow well in our south west region. More importantly, we'll be working with our local customers (brewers that's you, commerical and home brewers alike) to see what varieties your loving in your brew and fingers crossed provide you with a quality ingredient to make your craft beer stand out from the rest.

We're looking forward to bringing you along on this adventure, one thing I can promise, it will be an exciting one.

Cheers until next time.

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